Loading and playing websites from arbitrary URLs with CasparCG

Pass an URL while initializing a new HTML producer on a video layer: PLAY 1-10 [HTML] "https://www.indr.ch/" Or load the website as a template starting from server version 2.2.0 Beta 7: CG 1 ADD 0 "https://www.indr.ch/" 1 Keep in mind that this will trigger the update() and play() functions. If you use an older server version and you can only issue CG commands (such as from a client software), you have to load a template that does a redirect. [Read More]

Error: [vuex] vuex requires a Promise polyfill in this browser

An error message everyone finds himself surprised to see once you start unit testing Vue components which have a dependency to vuex: PhantomJS 2.1.1 (Linux 0.0.0) ERROR Error: [vuex] vuex requires a Promise polyfill in this browser. at webpack:///~/vuex/dist/vuex.esm.js:96:0 <- index.js:54757 Searching the web for the error message quickly unveils a solution on Stack Overflow: Install Babel Polyfill: npm install --save-dev babel-polyfill then include the polyfill file before your source and test files within the files section of your karma. [Read More]
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Rename JPEGs by Exif Timestamps

exiv2(1) is a tool for image metadata manipulation that also lets you rename files based on its metadata. From the manpage: mv | rename Rename files and/or set file timestamps according to the Exif create timestamp. Uses the value of tag Exif.Photo.DateTimeOriginal or, if not present, Exif.Image.DateTime to determine the timestamp. The filename format can be set with -r fmt, timestamp options are -t and -T. To rename all JPEG files in a folder, use [Read More]
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Migrating from ember-cli-qunit to ember-cli-mocha

Sloppy bash script to migrate tests written with qunit to mocha. # Status node --version && npm --version && bower --version && phantomjs --version # v6.3.1 # 3.10.3 # 1.7.9 # 2.1.1 ember --version # ember-cli: 2.6.3 # node: 6.3.1 # os: linux x64 ember test # tests 112, pass 112, skip 0, fail 0 # Install ember-cli-mocha ember install ember-cli-mocha # ? Overwrite tests/test-helper.js? (Yndh) Y rm -rf dist bower_components node_modules tmp npm install && bower install ember test # tests 108, pass 77, skip 0, fail 31 cd tests # Fix imports grep -rl "(assert)" | xargs sed -i "1s/^/import { assert } from 'chai';\n/"; grep -rl "'ember-qunit';" | xargs sed -i "s/'ember-qunit';/'ember-mocha';/g" sed -i "s/import { assert } from 'chai';//" test-helper. [Read More]
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Node.js 0.12.x on Fedora 22

No Node.js 0.12 build on fedora packages:

Bug on Red Hat Bugzilla:
Bug 1192647 - 0.12 is released but fedora still using 0.10.xxx

How do I install Nodejs v.0.12.* on Fedora 21?

Install npm packages globally without sudo on OS X and Linux: